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Information about: Flight and Hotel booking, money exchange, getting around. Local foods and drinks, behaviors and habits but also special information like vaccinate, travel documents, Visa, Information about airports and many more.

The Philippines: Vacation in the forgotten paradise?

In many conversations with friends from all over the world, I realized again and again when it comes to Asia, seemingly every other country is mentioned more than my home country - the Philippines.

I would like to make some changes in your mind with my homepage. So I try to spread a lot of information about the Philippines to as many visitors from Europe and other countries to prepare them for a possible visit here. At least you are not completely unknown to the Philippines, because you know one of our export: Dole

And so I am hoping, to provide here a living reference book with lots of useful information for you. If I can manage to pique your interest for this country and its friendly people - let me welcome you in our national language "Filipino":

Mabuhay at tuloy po kayo
Hello and Welcome

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Regards, Tessy

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