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We can not expand the menu on the left side endless. Here is the place to introduce new added pages to you. The newest topics are on top.

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Internet, Cellphone & Co.
Just to give some information about the usage from cellphone and internet here. Simple basics but often nice to know.

Real estate business
Many Filipino and some foreigner are interested to buy a condominium, house or apartment for their own. Here are some information about real estate.

The President of the people
Ramon Magsaysay was the seventh President of the Philippines and still the most beloved and honored one by his Filipinos. Read a legend about him.

Hotel room types
Here are some definitions for finding your hotel room while booking in the Philippines. What does Superior room means? Better then Deluxe room?

Saluting the small business owner
They are doing their small business to earn in a decent way even few pesos instead of cheating, robbing or become criminal in another way.

Trip to El Nido, Palawan
One week vacation at El Nido, Palawan. Here I am sharing some of my experiences from this wonderful week to you.

Trip to Tagaytay in 2012
I like to remember my trip to Tagaytay in 2012. Even only for few days but it was a nice experience and worth to share it to you.

What can you buy for your money?
Some guys like to know, what they can buy for their money in another country. Check your rate and compare the prices with your ones.

Fall inline and wait (at the hospital)
This might be acceptable for a Filipino who never left his homeland. But for me, it is often a shame to see the attitude of some worker here.

Trip to Mindanao in 2010
Mindanao is always worth a trip. The climate is a little bit more foreigner friendly and Davao is the second biggest city in the Philippines.

Do not hurry into a marriage!
There is no divorce in the Philippines and it will never be. That's why you have to check your partner for a long time, before you do the final step.

Visiting a public market
If ever you checked already a simple street market with some food stalls in between, you should visit also a real public market.

Craving for a Steak
Let's be honest: Once in a while, there comes the time, we will miss something from our homeland. For me it's a nice steak from a pork neck.

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