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I really love to share positive experiences in the Philippines to everyone because I really love this country and every proof, why 'It's more fun in the Philippines'.

Frank want's 'Double vision'

The problem
He is nearsighted and normally he don't have any problem with that and his ordinary eyeglasses with correction for far away works good. When he work at the computer, he don't need eyeglasses. But now, when he experienced problems to fill up a form with small fonts, he feel helpless like a baby. We talked about it and he decided: Let's go and find a solution but I would like to try this eyeglasses with correction for far and near in one. How is it called? Double vision, I told him. And there is a new type without this visible line. It's called 'Progressive'. His answer was clear to me: Let's try such one, but in a very cheap version because it's my first time and when it makes me dizzy in any way... you know me: I throw it in the trash bin and buy another one. Only for reading. Yes... I know him and believe that.

Both of us had already positive experiences with 'ideal vision' that's why we decided to visit the branch in SM Bicutan. On a Saturday, after our trip to the public market, to buy some fruits, we especially watched out for some nice carrots. As always, because we both believe in the saying: Vitamin A is good for the eyes because no one has ever seen a rabbit, wearing eyeglasses. (smile)

At the branch
Ideal vision The branch is located in the SM Mall Bicutan, Building A and upstairs from the street level to the first floor. Left side of the SM Store. It is a nice and modern shop with a lot of lights and glass. Next to the entrance, in the middle of the shop is a nice showroom for frames. Aside from all the other ones at the walls around. They are offering a lot of different brands but also affordable frames for guys like my Frank. After a friendly welcome and a short introducing of our wants we could already start to choose a frame. Lucky us, there was a nice frame for only 3,500 with 50% discount and wide enough for the 'progressive' glasses. Sometimes... all you need is luck.

Check-up After the frame was chosen we had to wait a short moment till Dr. Irna was free to take care Frank cause she is the one doing the vision test for his eyes to find, what kind of correction he need. Frank is from Germany and used to a modern equipment and always hoping to find a good service like at his home country. And 'ideal vision' can serve in the expected way. Without any hesitations. Dr. Irna could offer an additional check for only 350 PHP from the Ophthalmologist, who is every Saturday in the shop. For this cheap price an eye exam? That's fine with Frank and he really love to save some money.

The new eyeglasses
Staff at ideal vision After all Dr. Irna gave Frank the chance to choose the glasses. There are several types available. For different prices. But Frank decided already in the beginning: The cheapest one for this first try with 'Progressive' will be enough. The final price for the glasses including the frame was less then expected: only 3,495 PHP inclusive VAT. Frank was expecting the new eyeglasses will be ready to fetch up after few hours already. But he failed. Progressive needs a little bit longer. We left our contact number to Dr. Irna and only few days later, exactly on Tuesday, she sent a message to us: The new eye glasses are ready to pick up at any time. Damn... that was really fast!

coating service Wednesday was a nice day to visit 'ideal vision' again to pick up the new eyeglasses. We arrived by 11:00 a.m. but Dr. Irna was not in the shop. She was working in the next shift, starting at 1:00 p.m. All the staff in the shop are very friendly but we want to meet Dr. Irna again to finish this deal with her. So we visit the food court first for lunch. Frank was excited to try his new eyeglasses and was surprised: Easy to use and he was now able to read also very small fonts. But he was a little bit disappointed because he missed the coating. Walang problema, answered Dr. Irna. Please choose the color and intensity from this table. We have our own laboratory in the house for this service. A light brown is OK. Finally: Frank is happy with his new eyeglasses.

Thanks to ideal vision and Dr. Irna for the perfect job. Well done!

Business info
ideal vision center
SM Bicutan, Bldg. A
Tel. Nos. 822-9005 / 822-9230
Officer In Charge

Dr. Irna A. DelPuso
Assistance Officer In Charge

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