How to reload a prepaid card in a pocket Wi-Fi without removing the card?


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Sometimes a problem appear but you need to work hard for the solution. Are you using a pocket Wi-Fi like me? Here are two things you might not know till now.

Internet and gadgets

Globe T@ttoo LTE
My house is located in Sucat area and I wanted to have internet. In my area internet by landline is not really easy to get and some neighbors who have it are still complaining about the speed. I don't need a damn fast speed but I am working with my website and blog and that's why I need to connect several times a day. I don't like to work for this at daytime so I can rely on a nice connection while nighttime easily.

After a bad experience with smartbro I decided to find another provider who can fit my needs. While strolling in the SM Mall Bicutan I found the Globe shop and after a longer stay, waiting till my number will be served, I left the shop with my new Tattoo LTE pocket wifi and a prepaid card inside. The pocket wifi is from Huawei and the type is E5372.

It was working well but the signal in my area is really not a strong one why the gadget need to work hard always, consuming more energy and the battery last only for less then 6 hours. Then I need to recharge again. Maybe for some guys not the perfect solution but I can accept it because I only need it at the computer. Instead of recharging it with the charger for the outlet I use now one of my USB slots from my Laptop. While this I experienced one thing: In one slot, the gadget is always directly connected by WLAN and be possible to go automatically online when I start my Laptop. In another slot I need to connect it like a normal Wi-Fi user. I prefer this because so I can be sure, I will not consume any from my transfer volume by accident. I register actually (2016) to SUPERSURF999 for 999 PHP monthly.

After a while I found this both little hidden holes on the bottom of the pocket wifi. Left and right from the cable to recharge the battery. It makes me curious especially when I could find the sign for a antenna with no.1 and no.2. I start searching for an external antenna because if there is really a chance to increase the strength of the signal, I would like to grab it. I start at first in several shops but without any result. Searching the internet I found in Lazada an antenna but with different connectors, for different types and with different experiences about the way, how it works. The price was by 2,250 PHP + 55 PHP for delivery. If it would really work, I was willing to invest this money but I want to make sure, I buy the right antenna for my type of pocket wifi. The E5372.

Buying the antenna
Antenna The Company who is selling the antenna in Lazada was providing a phone number and would not deliver an antenna before you prove the correct type from your gadget. I gave them a call and while this call they was offering me: You can come to our shop in Malate with your gadget and we will find the correct antenna. The price in the shop is only 1,350 PHP. A good chance to save some money while buying the correct type. On January 28, 2016 I was for another reason next to Rotonda. I took the LRT1 from Rotonda to Pedro Gil for maybe 16 PHP. After leaving the LRT I was going down, then to the crossing 30m ahead, turn left and walked slowly for maybe 10 min. I passed one traffic light and maybe the next street to the right was already the one where CS Raffles Tech Inc. is located. If you have a good GPS sensor in your smartphone and a mobile internet connection: Google maps know the shop and was guiding me straight to the right place.

antenna bill I left the shop only few minutes later with my new antenna. They can also provide a special, maybe some better type of antenna (a Yagi) but I was satisfied with my 4G Antenna, Model W435, 35dbi, 2m cable and with TS9 connectors and just to let you know: It really works and since I have this antenna I really have even at daytime a much better and more stable LTE connection. This money was really worth it. By the way: The antenna is made in China but meant for the European market. And that was the reason to make me believe: it will work. Because my best friend is from Germany (smile). - Click the small picture if you want to see a bigger version where you can read some better details.


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